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7695 東証グロース(小売業)




(公開日 2020.12.25)


Koukandekirukun(7695 TSE Growth)

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Developing an e-commerce business that sells housing equipment together with its replacement work

Pursuing Efficient Management by Limiting Product Handling and Sales Areas
Koukandekirukun develops an e-commerce business that sells housing equipment together with its replacement work to meet the equipment replacement needs of housing owners due to failure, deterioration, etc. of their housing equipment. Products the company handles are limited to kitchen-related, toilet-related, sink and bathroom-related, and other such items. The sales areas are limited to Tokyo Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Nagoya City, Sapporo City, Fukuoka City and their respective surrounding areas. The company established its original efficient management by limiting the business items and sales areas to an extent that it can take initiatives and operate on its own.

Users that visit the company’s website, “Koukandekirukun,” will first confirm the replacement work corresponding areas, and then select the desired product and request an estimate for the product and installation work. Since the company has know-how accumulated through the 300,000 replacement works that it conducted to date, on-site investigations are not required and are handled by users just sending photos of their current equipment and the surroundings. The replacement work is conducted by its employees or contracted partners. Any malfunctions that occur after installation are handled by its after service department.

As a result of the around 300,000 people that have used its services since the opening of the website in 2001, it has accumulated content valuable for website visitors such as information on various products, over 5,000 user reviews and over 22,000 work examples on its website. This website has been at the core of its customer attraction.











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