6614 東証スタンダード(電気機器)



(公開日 2021.03.26)


Shikino High-Tech(6614 TSE Standard)

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Strong in technologies related to semiconductors and image processing

Conducting Manufacturing and Sales of Semiconductor Testing Equipment and Image-Related Devices as well as Circuit Design of Semiconductors
Shikino High-Tech conducts the electronic system business, in which it manufactures and sells semiconductor testing equipment, the microelectronics business, in which it designs semiconductor circuits, and the product development business, in which it manufactures and sells image-related devices, etc.

In the fiscal year ended March 2020, the electronic system business, microelectronics business and product development business accounted for 39.2%, 40.7% and 20.1% of net sales, respectively. As for segment profit margin, the microelectronics business is highly profitable with 13.4% and the electronic system business is at a low level of 2.6% with the heavy burden of depreciation. Meanwhile, the product development business, which is in an up-front investment stage, continues to record losses.

Relatively High Dependency on Specific Customers
Customers of Shikino High-Tech includes Renesas Electronics (6723 TSE First Section) and MEIJI ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES (3388 TSE First Section) in addition to Denso (6902 TSE First Section), which conducts business with the company in all of the electronic system, microelectronics and product development businesses, and Sony LSI Design, which has business transactions with the microelectronics business. Above all, the company is highly dependent on Denso and Sony LSI Design, both continuously having business transactions with the company and each accounting for over 10% of the net sales.










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