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(公開日 2021.06.25)


Basis(4068 TSE Growth)

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An independent engineering company conducting establishment, operation, etc. of networks for cell phones and IoT devices

Engaged in Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance concerning Communication Line Establishment
Basis provides design, construction, operation and maintenance services for communication line establishment as well as services including various project support for communication, electric power, gas and other companies. Its main services are the mobile engineering service and the IoT engineering service.

In the mobile engineering service, the company provides a series of services regarding the establishment, operation, monitoring, etc. of cell phone communication lines. The company, which was established in July 2000, started business with SoftBank (9434 TSE First Section) in 2011, and subsequently also started business with other communication carriers. The company is mainly engaged in operation, monitoring and maintenance of communication equipment by stationing engineers of the company or partnering companies at communication carriers, etc. Such operations as stationing at customer companies are a stock-type business under quasi-outsourcing contracts which renew every one- to three-months. The company also handles the establishment of communication base stations, but this is a flow-type business recording sales when the construction work is completed. SoftBank and Rakuten Mobile are the main customers of the mobile engineering service.

In the IoT engineering service, the company provides services including the installment, operation and monitoring of IoT equipment. The company launched the IoT engineering service by starting installment work of electric smart meters for TEPCO Power Grid which supplies power in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The company has business bases in Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, and deploys its own engineers. In addition, it has established a network, “Basis Partners,” with 267 companies (as of the end of February) throughout Japan including worker dispatch companies, construction companies, and system development companies.













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