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Manufacturer of basic chemicals mainly caustic soda

Manufacturer of Basic Chemicals Mainly Caustic Soda
NANKAI CHEMICAL is a basic chemical manufacturer that handles caustic soda and its co-products. It was a group company of NAKAYAMA STEEL WORKS, but became independent through an MBO in 2013.

It is a medium-sized caustic soda manufacturer. In addition, as the second pillar, NANKAI CHEMICAL has clarified its policy to expsand the environmental recycling business.

The company’s business consists of the chemicals business and various salt businesses, with the chemicals business accounting for 81.1% of net sales and almost all of the operating profit in fiscal year ended March 2022. The chemicals business is divided into basic chemicals (50.5% of total sales), functional chemicals (11.2%), agriculture (12.9%) and environmental recycling (6.5%).

Chemicals Business
Caustic soda, a basic chemical, is strongly alkaline and is used in a wide range of applications such as metal dissolution and refining, impurity removal, bleaching and neutralization, and is supplied to industries including steel, papermaking, cosmetics, detergents and chemical industries. Since transportation costs are high for supplying to remote areas, the supply destinations are mainly the Kansai region, where the company’s plants are located.

The company also handles products that utilize hydrogen and chlorine, which are co-products of caustic soda production. They include synthetic hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite used for bleaching, sterilization and neutralization applications for medical and food fields, chlorine disinfectants and sanitizers and water treatment flocculants used in wastewater treatment.

As functional chemicals, the company mainly handles food additives primarily for food manufacturers such as sodium acetate used to improve the shelf life of food and glucosamine used as a material in health foods, as well as intermediates used in pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, electronic materials and the like.

In the agriculture field, NANKAI CHEMICAL handles chloropicrin, which is used as a soil fungicide.

As environmental recycling, the company collects waste sulfuric acid from waste sulfuric acid suppliers, and refines sulfuric acid for sale.

Various Salt Businesses
NANKAI CHEMICAL processes and provides raw salt imported from Australia and Mexico. It is used for food production and snow melting on roads and such.












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