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2987 東証グロース(不動産業)




(公開日 2020.10.06)


TASUKI(2987 TSE Growth)

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Planning, development and sales of newly built for-investment condominiums close to the station for the wealthy class

Business Details
Development and Sales of Newly Built for-Investment Condominiums centering on Tokyo 23 Wards
TASUKI Corporation conducts the Live Mana business and Day Pay business. In the Live Mana business, it conducts planning, development and sales of newly built for-investment condominiums to be transacted entirely and sales of land, both of which are mainly located in the 23 wards of Tokyo, for inheritance tax purposes and for inheritance of assets targeting the wealthy class, as well as provision of consulting and other services to real estate businesses, etc. In the Day Pay business, it provides a salary prepayment platform. The Day Pay business was just launched in October 2019, so its sales are small.

Business Results
Business Results for Fiscal Year ended September 2019
Real estate sales for the fiscal year ended September 2019 marked a 60.1% increase year-on-year to 4,907 million yen, as the sales of newly built for-investment condominiums and land resulted in 27 handover cases, an increase of 9 cases from the previous fiscal year. Consulting fees, etc. increased by 159 million yen from the previous fiscal year to 210 million yen as a result of proactive customer introductions, etc. to partner companies.

Corporate Plan for Fiscal Year ending September 2020
The corporate plan for the fiscal year ending September 2020 is net sales of 6,993 million yen (36.6% increase year-on-year), operating profit of 568 million yen (33.8% increase year-on-year), ordinary profit of 505 million yen (52.9% increase year-on-year) and profit of 338 million yen (52.6% increase year-on-year).
The corporate plan for the fiscal year ending September 2020 is calculated as the total of the actual results from October 2019 to April 2020 and the forecasted results for May through September 2020.
For net sales, the forecast is 6,993 million yen (36.6% increase year-on-year) for the entire company, with 6,991 million yen (36.6% increase year-on-year) for the Live Mana business with 3 increased cases year-on-year totaling 30 handover cases, and 2 million yen for the Day Pay business.



◆ 東京23区を中心とした新築投資用マンションの開発・販売
TASUKI Corporationは、東京23区を中心に富裕層の相続税対策・資産継承用の一棟売りの新築投資用マンションの企画・開発・販売や土地の販売および不動産事業者等に対するコンサルティングなどを手掛けるLiveMana事業と、給与前払いプラットフォームを提供するDayPay事業をおこなっている。DayPay事業は19年10月に開始したばかりで売上高は僅少である。

◆ 19年9月期業績

◆ 20年9月期会社計画






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