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9219 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.04.01)


GiXo(9219 TSE Growth)

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Developing the data-informed business that solves customers’ issues by utilizing data for operations exercising judgment

Solves Customers’ Issues by Utilizing Data
GiXo is conducting the data-informed business, in which it establishes systems that understand matters and make judgements by using data, for the purpose of enhancing managerial problem-solving capabilities and competitiveness of customer companies.

The company’s business is divided into solving customer specific issues and solving common issues. As for solving customer specific issues, it is comprised of two services; DI consulting and DI platform.

As for solving common issues, it provides the DI product, a software service for solving more general issues.

DI Consulting
In DI consulting, the company takes issues concerning customers’ daily operations requiring judgement as calculable issues by analyzing a large amount of related data with machine learning and other methodologies. It uses actual data to verify what kind of data shall be processed and provided through AI and algorithms to enable people to make more advanced and efficient judgements and creates prototypes for solutions.

DI Platform
In DI platform, based on the prototypes created through DI consulting, the company establishes and operates systems that can be used by customer companies for their daily operations exercising judgement. It uses an agile approach to establish systems for timely provision of information that people use to make judgements by designing systems that accesses various systems of customer companies and automatically acquires data.

DI Product
In DI product, the company provides solutions for issues common to the general public as its products by utilizing solution methods, algorithms, tools and expertise cultivated while solving customer specific issues.



データインフォームドとは、データを用いて考える思考態度であり、人間が日常の業務判断を行う際に、機械学習等のアナリティクスを通じて生み出されたデータを活用して判断(Data Informed Decision Making)することで、判断業務の高度化・効率化を目指すものである。








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