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7370 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2021.06.22)


Enjin(7370 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in public relations support services for small to medium sized companies and medical institutions

Mainly Engaged in Public Relations Support Services
Enjin provides PR support services by mainly targeting small to medium sized companies and medical institutions and platform services which connect its customers with media or final decision makers. Net sales is categorized into four services; “PR support services for corporations/business owners,” “PR support services for medical institutions/doctors,” “Medichoku” and “Apochoku.” In the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending May 2021, PR support services for corporations/business owners accounted for 79.5% of net sales, PR support services for medical institutions/doctors accounted for 17.2%, Medichoku accounted for 3.2% and Apochoku accounted for the rest.

PR Support Services
In the PR support services for corporations/business owners and for medical institutions/doctors, the company supports exposure to media selected from multiple media to meet customer needs.
Existing PR services were difficult for small to medium sized companies to use as the fees tend to be high as customized arrangement for respective customers are required and as fees incurred despite the results of the media exposure.
The company provides PR support services at low prices that are affordable even for small to medium sized companies by compiling sales marketing in a manual, packaging production and operation, and adopting a results based revenue model, where customers only pay fees when media exposure is achieved.

Medichoku and Apochoku
Medichoku is a service that enables matching with media, which used to be mediated by staff of public relations companies, via PCs and smartphones.
Apochoku is an appointment matching service targeting companies engaged in businesses for corporations and the wealthy class. This service enables users to directly make appointments with business owners of small to medium sized companies and doctors of medical institutions.





法人/経営者向けPR支援サービス、及び医療機関/医師向けPR支援サービスでは、オウンドメディアである「KENJA GLOBAL」、「覚悟の瞬間」、「Qualitas」等を中心とした、複数メディアの中から顧客のニーズに合わせて露出をサポートしている。








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