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7368 東証スタンダード(サービス業)




(公開日 2021.04.09)


HYOJITO(7368 TSE Standard)

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Original business model with public nature

Main Advertisement Business Posting Store Information on Vicinity Maps in Public Facilities
HYOJITO conducts the Navita business, in which multiple sponsors post advertisements on vicinity maps developed by the company as advertisement media placed in public facilities such as railways, local government facilities and hospitals. In addition, it also conducts the ad promotion business, in which it handles transportation media (vehicles and stations), mass media (television, radio, newspapers and magazines) and outdoor media (signs and boards), as well as the sign business, in which it handles the design and construction of advertisements, signs, guideboards, etc.

The Navita business, ad promotion business and sign business respectively account for 64.8%, 17.4% and 17.8% of its net sales for the fiscal year ended March 2020, and most of the profit is from the Navita business.

Navita Business
Navita is a combination advertisement using vicinity maps developed by the company as a base media, and is a media with high public nature that includes map information, public facility information, and information on evacuation sites in the time of disasters.

It is classified into “station Navita” that are placed in train stations and tram stops nationwide, “city Navita” that are placed in local government offices, etc., and “public Navita” that are placed in police boxes, police stations, driver’s license centers, etc. The Navita business is a business model that benefits three parties, which are the owners of the location it is placed, advertisers and users.

Owners of the locations where they are placed can enhance the convenience for the facility users and can receive compensation from HYOJITO for placed Navita.

Advertisers receive the benefits of low advertisement fees. The number of sponsors has reached around 78,000 in total as of the end of January. The advertisement posting contract for Navita is a three-year contract, but HYOJITO receives advertisement fees every year.

Users can benefit from the convenience of the ease in understanding the locations to which they want to go, and depending on the location where they are placed, there is the advantage of crime prevention effects as the entire guideboards are lit up with LED lights.











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