7116 東証スタンダード(卸売業)



(公開日 2022.12.27)


DAIWA TSUSHIN(7116 TSE Standard)

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Sells and installs security and surveillance cameras nationwide and operates SoftBank shops in Ishikawa and Toyama Prefectures

Sells and Installs Security and Surveillance Cameras and Operates Mobile Phone Shops in Hokuriku
DAIWA TSUSHIN group conducts the security business that sells, installs and maintains security/surveillance camera systems, etc. as well as wholesales security/surveillance cameras, etc. and the mobile business that operates SoftBank shops in Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures as SoftBank’s primary distributor.

In fiscal year ended March 2022, the security business accounted for 56.3% of net sales, the mobile business 43.4% and others such as real estate rental income 0.3%.

Security Business
The company’s security business sells its products through two routes: via major companies operating nationwide and via certified partners such as building contractors. The former sales route accounts for approximately 60%, and the latter accounts for approximately 40%.

As for the former route, the company has sales tie-ups with major companies operating business nationwide such as Ricoh and SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES, and through these companies sells, installs and maintains security and surveillance camera systems, etc., including peripheral equipment such as recorders and monitor displays. Subsidiary ACT Tsushin is in charge of installation.

The second certified partner route is wholesale of equipment to certified partner companies, mainly building contractors that conduct installment and such of security and surveillance cameras. As of the end of June 2022, there are 196 certified partner companies.

Equipment such as security and surveillance cameras is procured by D'S SECURITY, a subsidiary of the company, and sold to the company and certified partner companies.

Mobile Business
In the mobile business, the company operates eight and two SoftBank shops in Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture, respectively, as SoftBank’s primary distributor. All the company’s SoftBank shops also handle the Y!mobile brand.













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