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6226 東証スタンダード(機械)




(公開日 2022.03.22)


Moriya Transportation Engineering and Manufacturing(6226 TSE Standard)

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Conducts manufacturing, sales and maintenance of large freight elevators

Conducts Manufacturing, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Freight Elevators
Moriya Transportation Engineering and Manufacturing group consists of two companies, the company and one non-consolidated subsidiary in Shanghai, and is engaged in the businesses of manufacturing, sales, installation as well as maintenance and repair of elevators. Its net sales is categorized into elevators (excluding ship elevators), ship elevators and maintenance/repair, and each respectively accounted for 51.1%, 3.5% and 45.4% of net sales in the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 2022.

Launched in March 1950, the company is engaged in businesses that thoroughly handle from the design/manufacturing to installation and maintenance/repair of elevators as a specialized manufacturer.

Freight Elevators
Freight elevators are required to have performance and functions including durability, such as a floor that is less likely to undergo peel-off or deflection even after long-term use with forklifts and other heavy machinery on it, and condensation measures in case of those for freezing and refrigeration environment. The company customizes its products according to the customers’ needs. The average sales price per elevator is around 15 million yen for the past several years.

The number of elevators it installed in the fiscal year ended March 2021 was 432, of which 411 were new installations and 21 were replacements, showing that the business is centered on new installations. Of the new installations, 99.5% are for factories and warehouses.

Ship Elevators
The company receives orders from shipbuilding companies and provides passenger elevators that are installed on large ocean-going vessels, ferries, etc.

The company provides periodic inspections/checks, repair services and such under the maintenance/repair agreements concluded with its customers, targeting mainly elevators it delivered, excluding ship elevators. The number of elevators covered by contracts is 6,351 as of the end of 2021.

In the elevator industry, many companies secure long-term profit by narrowing the profit margin upon sales of elevators while receiving orders for after-sales periodic maintenance and inspections, and the company also adopts a similar revenue model.











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