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5867 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2023.12.26)


ES NETWORKS(5867 TSE Growth)

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A consulting firm with strengths in practical execution support in the CFO field

Providing Consulting to Companies to Support Practical Execution in the CFO Field
ES NETWORKS is a consulting firm that specializes in providing “practical execution support of CFO functions.” With a full lineup of services related to corporate financial strategy, the company can respond to various customer requirements. Furthermore, ES NETWORKS’ approach of deploying consultants at customer locations allows appropriate visualization of management issues.

ES NETWORKS has been focusing on providing early-stage support for client companies’ overseas expansion as a theme of its management support services. As a result, the company has established two subsidiaries in Vietnam and three subsidiaries in the Philippines. ES NETWORKS also invests in companies that provide consulting services and has two subsidiaries that carry out investment business.

The consulting business is divided into management support consulting, enterprise turnaround support consulting and overseas expansion support consulting.

Management support consulting accounted for approximately 64% of net sales in fiscal year ended December 2022. It targets companies at turning points in their growth phase, involving activities such as M&A or IPO. The necessary components of CFO functions required by customer companies are provided in the form of on-site execution support.

Enterprise turnaround support consulting accounted for approximately 20% of net sales in fiscal year ended December 2022. It targets companies that have fallen into excess liabilities. ES NETWORKS analyzes the causes that led to excess liabilities and provides support in formulating and executing rehabilitation plans.

Overseas expansion support consulting accounted for approximately 17% of net sales in fiscal year ended December 2022. It targets companies that conduct business overseas, mainly in Asia. ES NETWORKS engages in projects that outsource market research ahead of overseas expansion. It supports establishing local subsidiaries, handling accounting, tax affairs, labor operations and such matters after business operations have commenced.













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