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4418 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.12.24)


Japan Data Science Consortium(4418 TSE Growth)

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Developing and Providing AI-Related Services and Solutions
To resolve issues facing industry and society in general, Japan Data Science Consortium aims to implement cutting-edge technologies such as data science, machine learning, and AI to society. This is done not just to address issues at individual companies, but also to transform each industry as a whole and enable the realization of SDGs common to all industries.

The company’s Japanese name of JDSC is an acronym of Japan Data Science Consortium. As the company’s name suggests, through joint research in collaboration with leading companies representing various industries, it creates AI-related services and solutions to resolve issues common to all industries and generates revenue by turning them into products which it supplies to a wide range of other companies (horizontal expansion).

The company holds the proprietary rights to its AI algorithms and is able to access non-public data belonging to various companies by collaborating with leading companies in different industries. By providing services and solutions to multiple customers within an industry, it further increases the quantity and type of data it possesses, and based on this, it improves the accuracy of its algorithms, resulting in a business model that can leverage the characteristics of the AI field to create a virtuous cycle. Furthermore, repeating this cycle leads to high barriers to entry for other companies, giving Japan Data Science Consortium a competitive advantage.

Working with AI solutions customers based on a quasi-mandate contract during the joint development phase and initial entry phase, the company generates flow-type revenue by providing services such as supporting issue identification and strategy formulation, conducting proof of concept, developing AI algorithms, implementing systems, etc. Furthermore, during the phase after the introduction of the AI solution, it generates stock-type revenue through maintenance fees, service usage fees, license usage fees, consortium membership fees, etc.



同社の社名はJapan Data Science Consortiumの頭文字をとったものである。その名に示されるように各産業を代表する大手企業との共同研究を通じて産業共通課題を解決するAI関連のサービスやソリューションを創出し、それらを自社プロダクトとして、他の企業にも幅広く提供(横展開)することで収益を上げている。




同社は、各業界を代表する大手企業をJoint R&D(共同開発)パートナーと位置付け、パートナーシップを組みながら共同でAIソリューションを開発し、産業内に横展開している。このため特定顧客に対する売上依存度が高くなる傾向がある。







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