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Engaged mainly in the construction of custom-made detached houses

Supplies Custom-made Detached Houses Primarily in Hokkaido
The core business of the Logos Holdings Group is the construction of custom-made detached houses. The group consists of six companies, including the company as well as companies engaged in housing construction, renovation and sales of ready-built houses and residential land. It also provides engineering firms with assistance for home design and IT consulting services.

Custom-made houses accounted for 72.1% of net sales in fiscal year ended May 2023, ready-built houses for 7.1%, residential land sales for 16.5% and other business for 4.3%.

The group does not display at housing exhibitions, which is a common sales method for receiving orders for custom-made homes. Instead, they employ digital marketing to attract customers.

Cutting travel costs is one of LOGOS HOLDINGS’ key management issues as it operates in the vast Hokkaido region. Examples of initiatives include utilizing digital marketing to attract customers instead of displaying at housing exhibitions, situating showrooms and model houses near the company’s sales offices and conducting business discussions and inspections online.

The company also builds some of its houses by employing its proprietary manufacturing-carry-build (MCB) construction method. This method entails assembling the walls and floors of the wooden frame construction method into box-shaped modules and transporting them to the site with all sashes, insulation, electrical wiring and other items already installed before installing them on top of a pre-built foundation using a crane. The advantages of this construction method are shortened construction times and reduced costs. Additionally, it addresses the construction worker shortage, lowers costs and stabilizes quality. It is also suitable for high-mix, low-volume production and can satisfy a variety of design needs.


ロゴスホールディングスグループは、戸建て注文住宅建設を主力としている。ロゴスホールディングスグループは、同社、ロゴスホーム、豊栄建設、GALLERY HOUSE、ROOT LINK、Logos Creative Office Philippines. Inc.の計6社で構成されている。

ロゴスホーム、豊栄建設、GALLERY HOUSEの3社はいずれも注文住宅、分譲住宅、宅地販売を行っており、GALLERY HOUSEはリノベーションも行っている。

ROOT LINKは工務店に対しての住宅の設計補助やITコンサルティングを行っており、Logos Creative Office Philippines. Inc.はROOT LINKの子会社でグループ会社向けCADオペレーションを行っている。









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