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9561 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.09.30)


GLAD CUBE(9561 TSE Growth)

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Offering marketing measures through proprietary site analysis tools

Developing Business Based on the Keywords "Data x Analysis”
GLAD CUBE operates the SaaS business and the marketing solutions business for companies seeking to leverage the internet to grow their businesses. It also conducts the SPAIA business, which operates AI forecast analysis media for sports and horse racing oriented toward major media and general consumers.

The SaaS business accounted for 35.5% of net sales for fiscal year ended December 2021, the marketing solutions business 55.7%, and the SPAIA business 8.7%. Looking at segment profit, while the SaaS business and the marketing solutions business maintained relatively high profit margins, the SPAIA business recorded a loss.

SaaS Business
The SaaS business offers website and access analysis, as well as website improvement, using SiTest developed by the company. The company offers clients comprehensive digital marketing measures as ancillary services, which include website production, content creation and optimization consulting. Net sales in this business comprise SiTest's monthly fee revenue, consulting fees, and spot revenues from the development of websites, landing pages, images, videos, and more.

Marketing Solutions Business
GLAD CUBE offers internet advertising operation agency, access analysis, and creative production services. The company provides one-stop services encompassing analysis of the current situation, strategic planning, selection of appropriate media, content production, execution and measurement of effectiveness.

SPAIA Business
The company operates SPAIA, a sports media platform that uses AI machine learning, with breaking news on professional baseball at its core.
In the SPAIA business, the company is also focused on SPAIA horse racing, which features data and AI different from that of basic SPAIA. The app is also developed and operated independently of SPAIA itself. Both free and paid memberships are available with SPAIA horse racing.












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