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9235 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2023.10.24)


Ureru Net Advertising(9235 TSE Growth)

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Improving the cost-effectiveness of online advertising with specialization in D2C business

Improving Cost Effectiveness of Online Advertising
Ureru Net Advertising specializes in helping D2C business operators improve the cost-effectiveness of their online advertising. Many of its customers are health foods and cosmetics companies, and as of the end of fiscal year ended July 2023, it had a total of 169 client companies.

Ureru Net Advertising offers a specialized cloud service for online advertising and landing pages that creates an optimized framework for these websites and pages. It also provides a marketing support service that distributes online advertisements to draw visitors to landing pages.

The company’s cloud service, specialized in online advertising and landing pages, accounted for 48.7% of net sales in fiscal year ended July 2023, and marketing support services accounted for 51.2%.

Cloud Service Specialized in Online Advertising and Landing Pages
Ureru Net Advertising also provides creative production and consulting services based around its Ureru D2C Tsuku-ru service to clients contracted to the service.

Ureru D2C Tsuku-ru is a service that allows clients to create and execute everything from landing page creation to sending follow-up emails, LINE® and SMS® messages by simply entering ten items without specialized knowledge.

The most significant advantage of Ureru D2C Tsuku-ru is that only methods that have been proven to improve the cost-effectiveness in more than four out of five companies among 1,200 A/B tests are implemented.

Marketing Support Service
Ureru Net Advertising’s marketing support service is a service that distributes advertisements on the Internet to draw visitors to landing pages. This service is available only to its Ureru D2C Tsuku-ru clients. As of the end of fiscal year ending in July 2023, the company distributed advertisements to the advertising content of 349 companies, focusing on performance-based advertising.














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