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9219 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2023.10.20)


GiXo(9219 TSE Growth)

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Providing a data-informed business by leveraging data to solve managerial challenges

1. Corporate Overview
With the purpose of “making every decision data-informed,” GiXo specializes in providing a data-informed business that establishes systems that understand matters and make judgments by using data. This helps customer companies to solve managerial problems and enhances their competitiveness. Data-informed decision-making leverages data to aid logical human thinking and rational judgments.

2. Financial Analysis
Net sales from fiscal year ended June 2017 to fiscal year ended June 2023 expanded at an annual rate of 50.3% as the number of projects implemented increased. At the same time, ordinary profit remained largely flat between fiscal year ended June 2018 and fiscal year ended June 2021 due to an increase in personnel expenses and burdens of research and development expenses. On balance, ordinary profit increased 85.1% year-on-year in fiscal year ended June 2022 and increased 3.7 times year-on-year in fiscal year ended June 2023 due to a reduction in fixed cost burdens associated with a revenue increase.

In comparing GiXo’s financial indicators with other companies, its three growth indicators are at a high level.

3. Non-Financial Analysis
The sources of GiXo’s intellectual capital are thought to include the know-how and expertise in the data-informed business that the company has accumulated since starting, as well as relationship capital through the continuous provision of services to major customer companies.

4. Corporate Strategy Analysis
While GiXo plans to actively develop new customers, it will also focus on expanding its business with companies by introducing its services to other departments, and link these initiatives to sustainable business growth.

5. Analyst Evaluation
We believe that GiXo’s strength lies in its ability to provide services that assist each customer company in addressing specific challenges by leveraging its accumulated know-how and advanced data analysis capabilities since the inception of its business.

In terms of corporate performance, GiXo is expected to slightly exceed its performance forecast in fiscal year ending June 2024, and is also expected to continue recording revenue and profit growth in fiscal year ending June 2025 and beyond.












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