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7371 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2021.06.18)


Zenken(7371 TSE Growth)

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Developing by Setting the Contents Marketing Business as Core Business
Zenken was established with the purpose of operating language schools and publishing learning materials. However, since the company launched the IT business centering on SEO under the theme of fusing IT and language in 2000, the core business has shifted to support marketing by utilizing IT. Currently, the company mainly provides the contents marketing business that supports attracting customers through web marketing.

In addition, as the company has been engaged in business under the theme of language education for a long time, by utilizing its accumulated knowledge in both fields of IT and language education, the company is increasing its focus on the overseas IT human resource business that uses Indian IT human resources for Japanese companies.

The company’s business segments are the IT segment, the language education segment and the real estate segment. Most of the profit is generated by the IT segment, which accounts for over 70% of net sales. In addition, the real estate segment, which leases buildings, is continuously generating profit, although there are some increases and decreases. On the other hand, the language education segment is not generating profit.

The IT segment accounted for 73.9% of net sales for the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending June 2021. It is categorized into the contents marketing business, the media business, the AI business, the overseas IT human resource business, and the main pillar is the contents marketing business, which accounts for around 80% of the IT segment net sales.

The language education segment accounted for 14.0% of net sales for the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending June 2021. In the language education segment, the company is engaged in (1) the language training business for corporations, (2) the English conversation school business, (3) the study abroad placement business as a sole agency representing US scholarship programs in Asia, and (4) the Japanese language education business in which it operates programs for foreigners that are not native Japanese speakers.

In the real estate segment, which accounted for 7.5% of net sales for the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending June 2021, the company leases two office buildings that it owns near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.









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