7140 東証グロース(小売業)



(公開日 2022.05.02)


Petgo(7140 TSE Growth)

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Aims for growth by promoting regular purchases and enhancing its D2C brand

Engaged Mainly in E-Commerce Business of Pet Healthcare Products
Petgo is engaged in the e-commerce business specialized in veterinary drugs, dietetic foods, supplements and other pet healthcare products. In the fiscal year ended March 2021, dietetic foods accounted for about 75% of net sales, veterinary drugs for most of the remainder and other pet healthcare products for a few percent. The company handles national brands as well as a D2C brand VETSOne, which was launched in April 2020.

Most of net sales of dietetic foods are comprised of products under brands owned by ROYAL CANIN (France) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition (U.S.).

Veterinary drugs include flea and tick repellents, eye drops, medicine for skin, medicine for otitis externa and gastrointestinal drugs.

Sales Format
The sales composition by sales channel in the fiscal year ended March 2021 was about 90% from online stores and about 10% from offline stores. Of the net sales from online stores, 20% is through its online site “petgo” and 80% is through online malls of other companies. As for offline stores, the company started wholesale of products to home improvement retailers in September 2014 to improve awareness.

The company enabled regular purchases at its online site in April 2013. The sales amount of regular purchases has largely increased with the impact of the spread of COVID-19. The ratio of regular purchases to net sales on its online site has increased from 29.3% in the fiscal year ended March 2020, to 33.1% in the fiscal year ended March 2021 and to 40.7% in the first three quarters of the fiscal year ended March 2022.





食事療法食については、犬猫のペットフードのうち、栄養成分の量や比率などを調整することによって、特定の疾病等に対して使用されるものを販売している。同社グループの食事療法食の売上高の大半を、ROYAL CANIN(フランス)とHill’s Pet Nutrition(米国)の2社が保有するブランドの商品が占めている。







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