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halmek holdings(7119 TSE Growth)

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Developing businesses for senior women based on the halmek subscription magazine

Developing Businesses That Meet the Needs of Women Aged 50 and Over
halmek holdings is developing services in the three areas of information contents, product sales and communities in order to satisfy the unmet needs of women aged 50 and over.

halmek group’s businesses is divided into the two parts of the halmek business, which is developed centering on the halmek subscription magazine for senior women and the nationwide mail order business that operates catalog shopping. The halmek business accounts for over 70% of its sales revenue.

halmek Business
The halmek business develops the mail order and communities businesses based around information contents centered on the halmek magazine. Mail order accounts for a little under 70% of net sales in the halmek business.

The halmek magazine is the center of the information contents of the halmek business, and it is sold only by subscription. The number of subscribers has reached about 500,000, boasting the largest number of subscribers among women’s magazines.

In addition, it also operates “halmek 365” as a website for senior women. In addition to free articles, video services and voice services are posted and provided to users as subscription services using a monthly fee system.

In the product sales field, the company develops and sells products by reflecting the needs of customers centered on halmek subscribers. As many products are in the middle to high price range, the services are differentiated from those of the nationwide mail order businesses (described below) which are mainly in the low price range.

In the communities area, the company provides opportunities for experiences and connections related to information contents and product sales. A total of over 100 online and offline events were held in fiscal year ended March 2022.

Nationwide Mail Order Business
The nationwide mail order business is a business that operates mail order sales by sending mail order catalogs to consumers who are attracted mainly through newspaper advertisements. This business targets senior women and the products are in the low price range.














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