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6225 名証メイン(機械)




(公開日 2023.04.04)


Ecology and Combustion(6225 NSE Main)

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Provider of integrated services ranging from development and design to manufacturing of industrial furnaces and post-operational maintenance

Engaged in Integrated Services Ranging from Industrial Furnace Development to Maintenance
Ecology and Combustion is involved in the entire process of industrial furnace development, design and manufacturing, as well as maintenance services including inspection, monitoring and modification.

The company's businesses consist of the industrial system business, which develops, designs and manufactures industrial furnaces, and the maintenance services business for industrial furnaces. The industrial system business accounted for about 60% of net sales in fiscal year ended July 2022 and maintenance services for about 40%.

Industrial System Business
Heat treatment is applied to many parts to augment strength and other properties in various products including automobiles and mobile devices. The industrial systems business comprises the design and manufacture of custom, large-scale industrial furnaces for heat treatment. Moreover, the company sells energy-saving environmental devices for industrial furnaces. In the three fiscal years through fiscal year ended July 2022, the ratio of sales to the automotive industry is high and accounts for 78.1% of net sales.

What sets Ecology and Combustion apart in the industry is its heat trials (product heat tests). The heat trial is a process in which client companies bring in engine blocks, wheels and other items to be heated and work with Ecology and Combustion employees to find the optimal solution for the degree of heat and the duration of application required.

Maintenance Services Business
The maintenance service business has been a part of the company’s business since the company was founded. As of the end of 2022, the company was under contract to maintain a total of 1,252 industrial furnaces for 539 companies.

The company's basic policy is to give employees experience in maintenance for a certain period of time after joining the company. Moreover, all employees, except those in the administrative department, are cross-trained workers, capable of handling maintenance.



同社は100℃~600℃程度の温度帯で、高速熱風による時短や排熱回収による省エネなどを付加価値とする装置を得意としている。同社のエコムという社名はEcology(環境)& Combustion(燃焼)をもとにした造語である。









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