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Nalnet Communications(5870 TSE Growth)

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Contracts maintenance management and other operations of automobiles owned by leasing companies

About 80% of Net Sales from Contracted Maintenance Business
Nalnet Communications specializes in the automobile related BPO business. It contracts vehicle management, maintenance management and other operations for corporate and individual users on behalf of automobile-related businesses such as car leasing companies.

Its business is divided into four categories: contracted maintenance, my-car lease support (MLS), business process outsourcing (BPO) and other. In terms of net sales in fiscal year ended March 2023, contracted maintenance accounted for 82.4%, MLS for 4.4%, BPO for 5.5% and other for 7.7%.

Contracted Maintenance
Nalnet Communications manages all aspects of vehicle maintenance, including car examinations, legally required car inspections and repairs, through contracts with corporate leasing service providers and general companies. The company does not have its own factory, and as of the end of September 2023, maintenance is outsourced to 11,742 partner maintenance factories nationwide. With maintenance management operations being contracted according to the period of a customer’s lease and a majority of multi-year contracts, this forms a very stable business foundation for Nalnet Communications.

MLS Business
Nalnet Communications contracts maintenance management operations of leased vehicles for individuals from leasing services providers.

BPO Business
While all of Nalnet Communications' businesses are BPO services, other than the maintenance-related work for the contracted maintenance and MLS businesses, it also contracts partial BPO business in a wide variety of operations related to vehicles, including maintenance-cost data management services, tire storage services and tax payment administration services, from leasing and other companies.

Other Business
Nalnet Communications is also engaged in automobile leasing, the sale of leased vehicles, warranty (failure repair insurance), maintenance packages and such businesses.





ナルネットコミュニケーションズは、自動車関連BPO事業の単一セグメントであるが、事業の内容により、メンテナンス受託、MLS(マイカーリースサポート)、BPO(ビジネス・プロセス・アウトソーシング)、その他に区分している。23/3期における事業別売上高構成比は、メンテナンス受託82.4%、MLS 4.4%、BPO 5.5%、その他7.7%であった。








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