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5616 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.12.22)


Ame Kaze Taiyo(5616 TSE Growth)

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Specializing in Various Services Centered on EC Platforms for Direct Produce

Specializing in Various Services Centered on EC Platforms for Direct Produce
Ame Kaze Taiyo offers a range of services with the goal of increasing the number of individuals who identify with a particular region or the region's "connected community." Ame Kaze Taiyo achieves this by connecting urban and rural areas through the region's primary product producers, such as vegetables and seafood. Pocket Marché, the company’s main service, is a from-farm-to-table EC platform that connects producers and consumers.

The company's net sales are categorized into three services: food-related services for individuals, services for companies and local governments and travel-related services for individuals. Food-related services for individuals, including the Pocket Marché service, which has continued since the company’s establishment, accounted for 83.2% of net sales in fiscal year ended December 2022.

Pocket Marché, the from-farm-to-table EC platform, enables producers and consumers to communicate directly. The platform is only open to farmers and fishermen to list their produce and not to producers of sake, seasoning and other processed foods. As of September 2023, more than 7,900 producers and about 700,000 consumers are registered on the platform.

The main feature of Pocket Marché is its ability to allow producers and consumers to interact directly. In this system, producers also ship their produce by themselves. For transactions on Pocket Marché, the company receives a 20% sales commission from the producer, and the producer keeps 80%.

Ame Kaze Taiyo’s services for companies and local governments are mainly based on its relationships with local governments, with support services for local governments and sales of food to companies.

Its travel-related services for individuals leverage its network of producers, primarily offering agricultural experiences. The service encourages urban consumers to travel to rural areas where producers are located.













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