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5599 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.12.19)


S&J(5599 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in cybersecurity business

Engaged in CyberSecurity Business
S&J is engaged in the cybersecurity business, providing Security Operation Center (SOC) services to detect, analyze and respond to cyber-attacks and offering various consulting services.

Consulting services accounted for 27.5% of net sales in fiscal year ended March 2023 and SOC services for 72.5%. Of the total net sales in the same fiscal year, 80.5% were stock-type and 19.5% were spot-type.

Consulting Services
The major services that S&J provides are as follows: 1) Security advisor services that assess the implementation of security measures for customers before identifying issues to be addressed in the event of a cybersecurity incident and offering response support to high-priority issues as well as improvement proposals for the medium-term; 2) Incident response to support customers in the event of a cybersecurity incident; 3) E-mail security to investigate, analyze and report the results of such work on suspicious attachments and links in customers’ e-mails; 4) Vulnerability diagnosis in which experts with knowledge about the latest trends in security threats conduct a diagnosis of customer vulnerabilities that could lead to security incidents and provide a report of recommended countermeasures; and 5) Serving as a sales agent for sophisticated overseas security products.

SOC Service
Using the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), a SOC Engine developed by the company, S&J provides SOC Engine operation services. These services are used to monitor and operate entire information systems for their customers. Additionally, the company provides SOC Engine development and leverages its expertise and experience in monitoring and operational services to provide such services for SIEM products provided by other companies.

S&J also uses KeepEye, its proprietary cloud-based Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology, to provide monitoring services that detect and prevent known and unknown viruses from infecting customer’s PCs, as well as monitoring and operational services of EDR products provided by other companies.



S&Jは、ラック(3857東証スタンダード)がエー・アンド・アイ システムと統合する以前の旧ラックで代表取締役社長を務めた三輪信雄氏によって、08年11月にS&Jコンサルティングとして設立された(14年12月に現社名に商号が変更された)。


S&Jは、09年1月にセキュリティ・コンサルティングサービス(現コンサルティングサービス)の提供を開始して、徐々に顧客を開拓した後、15年3月には、自社開発したSOC Engineを用いて、ネットワーク機器やセキュリティデバイスから出力されたアラートやログ等を監視するSOCサービスの提供を始めた。








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