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OutlookConsulting(5596 TSE Growth)

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Providing Sactona business management system to improve the efficiency of budgetary management and other corporate management processes

Providing Sactona Business Management System
OutlookConsulting is engaged in business related to Sactona, a management system designed to improve the sophistication and efficiency of corporate budgetary management, budget preparation, expense budgeting management and other management accounting and business management operations. The company develops and sells Sactona, provides its introduction support and maintenance, and offers infrastructure for the cloud-based system.

OutlookConsulting's net sales are classified into two services, the base business which provides Sactona licenses, and the consulting business which provides introduction support and functional expansion of Sactona. In fiscal year ended March 2023, the base business accounted for 35% of net sales, while the consulting business accounted for 65%.

Sactona incorporates necessary budgetary management and business management functions into Microsoft Excel. The Excel data entered at each location or business division is reflected in real time in the server database, providing the head office and management divisions with the ability to collect, process and output the information they require.

Sales from the base business consist of product licensing revenues, which consist of annual license usage fees corresponding to the number of Sactona usage IDs and the initial costs of installing Sactona on servers, and infrastructure service revenues, which are cloud environment infrastructure usage fees from customers that use Sactona in the cloud environment provided by the company.

Sales from the consulting business consist of revenue from providing proposals and support on the use of Sactona at its introduction, application development for Sactona, proposals and application development related to Sactona functions and extending the scope of use for customers, as well as training fees for customers' users.






SactonaはSactona Portal、Sasctona Manager、Sactona Designerの3つのモジュールから構成され、利用目的に応じてこれらを組み合わせて利用される。






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