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5591 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.09.29)


AVILEN(5591 TSE Growth)

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Providing organizational development and personnel development training services for AI software development and AI/DX promotion

Provider of Organizational Development and Personnel Development Training for AI Software Development and AI/DX Promotion
AVILEN develops generative AI and other AI software using AVILEN AI, a proprietary AI core module (AI software unit), and specializes in organizational development and personnel development training to promote AI and DX (build-up unit). The sales composition ratio for fiscal year ended December 2022 was 63.8% for its build-up unit and 36.2% for its AI software unit.

AI Software Unit
The AI software unit develops AI software for companies in various industries by utilizing AVILEN AI's core module with functionalities such as image generation, large language models, specialized surface recognition, anomaly and damage detection, and data analysis and prediction.

Revenue is primarily flow-type revenue based on individual projects outsourced to the company. However, AI software, with generic functions provided in the form of SaaS, is a source of stock-type revenue.

Typical package-type software includes AI Seed, a data analysis tool for businesses that leverages AVILEN AI’s core module, Estimea and developed jointly with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, as well as ChatMee, a ChatGPT platform combining AVILEN AI’s core module, Instructea and ChatGPT and ensures information security and data confidentiality.

Build-up Unit
The build-up unit provides a comprehensive service for developing organizational structures and personnel to drive AI and DX for businesses. This includes services from defining the ideal state, conducting an analysis of the current state, formulating policies and roadmaps for personnel recruitment and development, to providing employee programs for personnel growth.



AVILENの業務は、生成AIを始めとする独自開発のAIコアモジュールである「AVILEN AI」を活用したAIソフトウェアの開発(AIソフトウェアユニット)と、AIやデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)を推進するための組織開発や人材育成研修の提供(ビルドアップユニット)の2つのサービスからなる。








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