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property technologies(5527 TSE Growth)

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Rehabilitation of used housing and sales of detached housing

Offering Renovated Used Condominiums for Sale and Newly-Built Detached Housing
The property technologies Group has provided over 8,000 renovated used condominiums and newly built detached houses. In fiscal year ended November 2021, the company’s net sales comprised 20,081 million yen (accounting for 68.0% of total net sales) of used housing, 8,985 million yen (30.4%) of detached housing and 476 million yen (1.6%) from other business.

Used Housing Revitalization Business
The company's used housing revitalization business purchases used compartmentalized ownership condominiums, then renovates and sells them under the FURVAL brand. It primarily handles family-oriented properties, and its core clientele are in their late 30s to early 40s. The company equips renovated properties with furniture, appliances and other amenities, the costs of which are included in the property’s selling price. This makes potential buyers eligible for home loans, thereby encouraging purchase even on the part of households who may have low self-financing capacity.

The company has a nationwide presence and deals with sellers, buyers, real estate brokers and renovation contractors in various regions of the country. The company’s real estate purchases are also funded by financial institutions in each region.

Detached Housing Business
The company's detached housing business is conducted by a subsidiary with seven offices in Yamaguchi Prefecture and another with four offices in Akita Prefecture. Each company constructs custom-built houses on a contract basis rooted in local communities. As of the end of fiscal year ended November 2021, each had delivered about 2,500 houses cumulatively, for a total of around 5,000. As for the number of construction starts, the company has been number one in Yamaguchi Prefecture for 12 consecutive years and Akita Prefecture for 14 straight years.

Other Business
Other business comprises real estate leasing, brokerage, etc. Net sales of other business in fiscal year ended November 2021 totaled 476 million yen (down 27.4% year-on-year).


property technologies(以下、同社)はグループ会社に対するテクノロジーソリューション等の提供とグループ経営管理を行い、グループ会社がリノベーション済中古マンションや新築戸建住宅の提供を行っている。










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