5247 東証グロース(情報・通信)



(公開日 2022.12.30)


BTM(5247 TSE Growth)

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Utilizes local human resources based on a proprietary database

Promotes DX of Client Companies by Utilizing Local Human Resources
BTM is developing bases in regional areas to provide IT engineering and DX solutions based on its belief that utilizing IT to provide attractive jobs to regional areas will lead to regional revitalization.

IT Engineering Services
When there is a shortage of engineers in system development of client companies, BTM procures and provides optimal human resources from across Japan. The human resources that can be provided are in-house engineers, engineers mainly belonging to other companies in the same industry and freelancers, but engineers from external partner companies account for over 90%. The company receives monthly prices per person from client companies as sales, and pays compensation to procured engineers in the form of outsourcing costs.

Approximately 5,200 contacts have been accumulated in the company’s database. Contacts are persons with whom matching information and others are exchanged daily; they are not engineers themselves, but mainly the salespersons belonging to external partner companies.

It is common for IT engineering service companies to introduce a project to other companies and receive referral fees when they cannot receive the order for the project themselves. For this reason, the company, which has a wide network with external partner companies, obtains large amounts of project information on a daily basis.

There are various matching methods, but one with a high matching probability is a method of carefully selecting projects with a high probability of closing from project information obtained by the company, distributing them all at once to contact accounts, and selecting an optimal engineer from among their proposals.

DX Solution Services
In DX solution services, the company takes the lead to thoroughly provide DX support, starting with consulting. Since in-house engineers are utilized, gross profit margins tend to be higher than IT engineering services. These services are provided through a nationwide development system with engineers employed at 11 locations scattered around the country.















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