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5246 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.12.30)


ELEMENTS(5246 TSE Growth)

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Operates business with two types of solutions: identity verification and personalization

Provides Identity Verification and Personalization Solutions
The ELEMENTS Group consists of ELEMENTS, three consolidated subsidiaries, one equity method affiliate and one non-equity method affiliate.

Business operations are mainly performed by subsidiaries and affiliates, while ELEMENTS carries out management including subsidiaries and operates businesses that require a higher level of management.

Identity Verification Solutions
Liquid, a subsidiary, provides identity verification solutions. Services include the identity verification service LIQUID eKYC, which launched in July 2019, and the personal authentication service LIQUID Auth, which launched in January 2022.

LIQUID eKYC is a service that can complete the identity verification required when opening an account at a financial institution or making a line contract with a telecommunications carrier online and non-face-to-face. The service accounts for over 90% of net sales of the identity verification solution, and approximately 70% of the overall net sales of the group.

There are various usage situations, such as opening accounts in financial institutions, signing a contract to use communication lines, using rental cars and other sharing services and selling used goods. LIQUID eKYC has been used by over 140 business operators as of the end of October 2022.

LIQUID Auth is an online personal authentication service rolled out in January 2022, and is currently in the commercialization phase. It is a service that authenticates the identity of users of a service operated by a business operator.

Personalization Solutions
The group provides services to obtain, store and analyze personal data of individuals to optimize goods and services for them. All of the business projects are in either the demonstration or commercialization phase. Around 90% of net sales of the personalization solution comes from the behavioral analysis business, which provides personalization services for office and housing environments.


ELEMENTS(以下、同社)グループは、同社、連結子会社3社(Liquid、MYCITY、IDEAL)、持分法適用関連会社であるSYMBOL、持分法非適用関連会社であるPT. Indoliquid Technology Suksesにより構成されている。

同社グループはIoP Cloud事業を行っているが、同事業は「個人認証」と「個人最適化」の二つのソリューションに区分されている。



IoP Cloud事業 のIoP(Internet of Persons)とは、ヒトがネットワークに直接つながるという同社グループの世界観を表すものである。

同社グループは、IoP実現のため「IoTセンサー」、「人に関するビッグデータ」、そして「AI」を組み合わせて、個人を自動で認証し、個人の特徴を解析し、モノ・サービスを個人に最適化するためのシステムであるAIクラウド基盤(IoP Cloud)をBtoBtoC形態で提供している。






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