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SecondXight Analytica(5028 TSE Growth)

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Aiming to expand stock-type sales

Provider of Data Analysis Consulting and AI Products
SecondXight Analytica is an information service company engaged in the analytics consulting business, which is based on data analysis, and the AI product business, which provides packaged software equipped with various AIs in SaaS and other formats. The analytics consulting business accounted for 66.9% of net sales in the fiscal year ended March 2021 and the AI product business for 33.1%.

While proactively applying state-of-the-art analytics and AI technologies, the company provides practical measures to support solving issues.

(1) Analytics Consulting Business
The main service of the analytics consulting business is the data analysis consulting that supports solving various issues which vary by customer by discovering, interpreting and analyzing important patterns hidden in data. It also supports construction of a machine learning model for solving customer’s business issues through custom-made responses.

Net sales of the business consists of consulting fee and model construction fee, both of which are flow-type sales, and license revenue from model usage, which is stock-type sales.

The major customer industries are non-bank/bank/insurance, settlement service, construction/real estate and information/communication.

(2) AI Product Business
In the AI product business, the company provides four types of general-purpose products using AI to solve customers’ common issues based on the expertise gained through the analytics consulting business. Net sales of the AI product business consists of an initial introduction fee, which is flow-type sales, and maintenance, operation and other monthly usage fees, which are stock-type sales.






AIプロダクト事業では、アナリティクスコンサルティング事業で得られたノウハウを元にして、顧客の共通的な課題を解決するために、AIを活用した4種類の汎用製品(RED Engine、アナリティクス・プラットフォーム、SXスコア、SkyFox)を提供している。







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