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Perseus Proteomics(4882 TSE Growth)

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Developing Antibody Drugs Centering on Cancer Treatment Drugs
Perseus Proteomics was established with an aim for the medical application of antibodies using the technologies of protein expression and antibody generation, which were developed by the Laboratories for Systems Biology and Medicine (LSBM) of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo. It is engaged in research and development of antibody drugs against diseases centering on cancers as well as related operations.

Antibodies are proteins that specifically bind with antigens (materials to which immune reactions are seen) in a one-to-one manner, and by using this unique nature of the antibodies, they are applied to drugs for diagnosing/treating diseases such as cancers and infections. As an antibody drug makes a pinpoint attack against an antigen that causes the disease, a high therapeutic effect and reduction in side effects can be expected.

The company has strengths in discovering and analyzing target materials, etc. that appear on the surface of cancer cells, etc. as well as technologies for generating and screening antibodies that specifically bind with such materials.

The company is engaged in the three operations described below.
(1) Drug Discovery
By acquiring highly functional antibodies using the company’s technologies for target discovery and antibody generation and adding genetic engineering modification or chemical modification as needed, the company conducts research and development of drug candidates including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs or armed antibodies) which bind antibodies with other preparations.

(2) Antibody Research Support
The company is conducting antibody generation, contracted research, sequencing analysis and other antibody research support for academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

(3) Sales of Antibodies and Reagents
The company sells nuclear receptor antibodies, which act as biomarkers for cancers and various other diseases, as research reagents for researchers in Japan and overseas.











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