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Provider of online payment settlement agency service and invoice management cloud service

Strong in Services Targeting Subscription Business Operators
ROBOT PAYMENT provides an online payment settlement agency service since its establishment in 2000. By adding its unique functions, it has strengths in services targeting subscription business operators. Furthermore, it is also engaged in an invoice management automation service started in 2015, as a solution for accounting aiming to streamline invoice work, and it also has various functions that respond to operations of subscription business operators.

Both services are provided as SaaS type services, and the recurring business, which generates stable revenue, accounted for 95.6% of revenue in the fiscal year ended December 2020.

The company’s businesses are divided into two reporting segments: the payment business that provides the online payment settlement agency service, and the financial cloud business that provides the invoice management automation service. The payment business accounts for around two thirds of net sales and the financial cloud business for around one third, but the financial cloud business is achieving higher revenue growth recently.

The Payment Business
In the payment business, the company provides an online payment settlement agency service targeting operators conducting sales or transactions via the internet. The service integrates contact points with various payment settlement business operators on behalf of the company’s customers which are the member stores, and consolidates management of their payment settlement procedures, etc. The service can handle most payment settlement methods.

The Financial Cloud Business
In the financial cloud business, the company provides an accounting digital transformation service, which streamlines and automates monthly invoice management operations, and enables customers to automatically handle their series of invoicing operations, including invoicing, payment collection, payment recording and payment reminding, which are large in volume and could be complex.


ROBOT PAYMENT(以下、同社)は、00年の創業来、インターネット決済代行サービス「ROBOT PAYMENT」を提供している。決済代行サービス事業者は多く存在するが、同社独自の機能を付加することで、サブスクリプションビジネスを展開する事業者へのサービスを得意としている。










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