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4265 東証グロース(情報・通信)


Institution for a Global Society


(公開日 2021.12.30)


Institution for a Global Society(4265 TSE Growth)

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Supporting corporate human resource training and school education based on uniquely developed personnel assessment tools GROW

Supporting Human Resource Development and Education Based on Unique Tools that Utilize AI
Based on uniquely developed human resource assessment tools, Institution for a Global Society supports human resource training at corporations and individualized education at schools tailored to the understanding and capabilities of each student. The company has developed GROW, which fairly evaluates multifaceted capabilities, and started its provision in February 2016. A system based on this GROW has been introduced in the human resource field of companies and educational sites, and became the current business.

The company's business is divided into two categories: the HR business, which mainly targets the human resource field of companies, and the education business, which targets educational sites such as schools. Due to the expansion of net sales of the two businesses, it recorded an operating profit in the fiscal year ended March 2021 even though the level was low.

HR Business
In the HR business, the company provides services that support recruitment, training and placement of human resources as well as the organizational development of companies. Its core service is GROW360, which was developed based on GROW and uses an AI-equipped engine to scientifically measure the traits, competencies and skills of employees and employee candidates and visualize their capabilities.

Education Business
In the education business, the company targets schools and educational institutions and provides human resource training support focusing on abilities that cannot be quantified and are not easy to visualize like students’ intelligence quotients and academic performance. The core service is Ai Grow, an assessment system developed based on the human resource assessment data accumulated through GROW360 and uses AI to visualize students’ capabilities and educational effects. Schools and educational institutions can use the evaluations made by Ai Grow for training and guidance counseling.


Institution for a Global Society(以下、同社)は、独自開発の人材評価ツールをベースに、企業での人材育成と、学校での個別化教育の支援を行っている。同社は10年5月にグローバル人材の育成を目的とした塾の企画運営を行う企業として設立された。





教育事業は、学校や教育機関向けに、学生の非認知能力注4に着目した人材育成支援を行う事業である。「GROW360」で蓄積された人材評価をベースに開発された、生徒の能力と教育効果をAIで可視化する評価システム「Ai Grow」が中核サービスで、「Ai Grow」での評価をもとに、データに基づく育成や進路指導につなげていく。






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