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NIFTY Lifestyle(4262 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in activity support service business for individual users and companies in the lifestyle domain

Engaged in the Activity Support Service Business Supporting Individual Users and Companies
NIFTY Lifestyle is engaged in the activity support service business that supports individual users and companies in the lifestyle domain. The activity support service business is comprised of activity support platform services (platforms for real estate, job offering and hot spring information), which compiles abundant and diverse information and supports the activities of individual users such as information gathering, and activity support solution services (data feed optimization and viewing inside of real estate properties online), which provides solutions for companies in order to enhance the value for both companies and their users. Activity support platform services accounted for 90.8% of net sales in the fiscal year ended March 2021, and activity support solution services accounted for 9.2%.

(1) Activity support platform services
Although there are many platform services in Japan that provide various types of information to individual users, it takes time and effort to find the appropriate information. The company provides collective search-type services that allow users to compare and examine information posted on major portal sites all at once, and unique services that assort information edited by the company. Through these services, the company supports individual users in comparing and examining information on multiple sites in a short period of time.

In the activity support platform services, the company provides information that is likely to meet the needs of each individual user and support their activities by compiling and processing diverse and abundant information and enabling searches under various conditions.

(2) Activity support solution services
The activity support solution services are solution services for companies and are provided for the purpose of realizing services which individual users and companies dream of by using digital transformation.














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