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(公開日 2021.06.11)


WonderPlanet(4199 TSE Growth)

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Developer of smartphone games with high overseas sales ratio

Handling Three Types of Game Titles
WonderPlanet plans, develops, manages and sells games for smartphones, and provides games through platforms operated by Apple, Google, etc. It conducts in-house development of original games as well as their operation in Japan and overseas, which are categorized as “titles developed in-house (original),” in-house development of games using IPs of other companies as well as their operation in Japan and overseas, which are categorized as “titles developed in-house (IP),” and conducts development for overseas markets and overseas operation of games that are developed and provided in Japan by other companies, which are categorized as “titles developed by other companies (overseas).”

The titles provided by the company adopt the freemium model where users can download and play the games free of charge and pay in apps/games to acquire some items or expand functions.

For “titles developed in-house (original),” even though the company needs to bear most of the costs as all procedures from planning, development to operation are conducted thoroughly by the company, the characteristics are that profit contribution becomes high when the games gain popularity.

For “titles developed in-house (IP),” as there are possibilities to acquire a certain number of fans of the IP as the game users, although revenue allocation will become lower than original titles, the cost burden and risks can be suppressed.

For “titles developed by other companies (overseas),” by utilizing the distribution experience of original titles in Japan and overseas, the company conducts development for the overseas market and the stable operation of games that are developed by other companies. Even though allocation of revenue to cooperating partners that hold the IP is required, development costs can be suppressed and the titles can be released in short period of time.








代表的な運営タイトルとしては、「週刊少年ジャンプ」の歴代キャラクターが多数登場する「ジャンプチ ヒーローズ」(18年3月リリース、世界合計1,100万ダウンロード)が挙げられる。同タイトルでは、Zホールディングス(4689東証一部)傘下のLINEと業務提携契約を結んでいる。






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