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4178 東証グロース(情報・通信)


Sharing Innovations


(公開日 2021.03.26)


Sharing Innovations(4178 TSE Growth)

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Seek growth through cloud integration supporting the introduction of Salesforce services

Conducts Digital Transformation Business and Platform Business
Sharing Innovations Group conducts the digital transformation business and the platform business.

In the digital transformation business, which accounts for around 90% of the company’s net sales, the company conducts system solutions, in which it develops systems and applications, as well as cloud integration, in which it supports the introduction of Salesforce provided by salesforce.com, inc. in the U.S.

In its system solutions, an operation launched upon the company’s establishment, the group designs, develops, introduces, maintains and manages in-house information management systems, risk management systems, web apps and smartphone apps mainly by using opensource technology. There are cases of the company being a prime contractor and the company joining projects as a subcontractor, and about half of net sales is from when they are a prime contractor.

The group entered cloud integration in 2019. It supports the introduction of salesforce.com’s “Sales Cloud,” a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM)/sales force automation (SFA) tool, “Pardot,” a marketing automation tool, “Marketing Cloud,” which realizes one-to-one marketing in multichannel, “Salesforce Einstein,” an AI tool that analyses data, and “Tableau,” a salesforce.com subsidiary Tableau Software’s business intelligence tool that visualizes data.

The major service of the platform business is Urala, an online-chat fortune-telling app. It provides fortune telling through real-time communication between the users and the fortune tellers, and charges the users a fortune-telling fee by number of letters.


Sharing Innovations(以下、同社)グループは、同社と子会社2社からなり、システムソリューション、クラウドインテグレーション、アプリケーションの企画・開発・運営を主な事業としている。









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