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4177 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.03.19)


i-plug(4177 TSE Growth)

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Providing “OfferBox,” a new graduate recruiting service, and “eF-1G,” an aptitude evaluation service, to companies

New Graduate Recruiting Service is Flagship Business
i-plug Group provides OfferBox, which is a recruitment service specialized in employment of new graduates by matching students and companies through providing opportunities to join recruiting sessions and interviews held by companies seeking workers to those students seeking employment who have registered their profile information. The group also provides eF-1G, which is an aptitude evaluation service for students and workers.

There are two pricing plans that i-plug sets for OfferBox. One is a success-reward type pricing plan that allows companies to send offers starting March 1, the recruitment publicity opening date, and i-plug receives 380,000 yen per person only when an employment agreement is reached. This pricing plan aims to lower the bar for companies to introduce the service, as it does not take a usage fee and it is designated in the contracts that the success reward will be repaid if the student declines the employment offer before joining the company.

The other is a fixed-rate pricing plan, which allows companies to send offers before the recruitment publicity opening date in March, such as urging third year students to join internships. Under this pricing plan, i-plug will receive a usage fee and fee for number of positions based on the planned number of employments in a lump sum at the time of concluding contracts. When a company is seeking workers for three positions, the fee will be 750,000 yen, for which the breakdown is 300,000 yen for usage fee (100,000 yen x three people) and 450,000 yen as the fee for the number of positions (150,000 yen x three positions). Even if the number of students being employed does not reach the target or if students decline employment offers before joining the company, i-plug does not have to make repayments. In exchange for there being no repayments, companies can keep the employment unit price low, and because they can use long-term services for a maximum of two years, there are many cases of companies which obtained successful results by using the success-reward type pricing plan introducing this plan in following years.

The number of students scheduled to graduate in 2021 that have registered for OfferBox is 145,000 as of the end of 2020, meaning that one out of three students graduating in 2021 and seeking to join private companies are using the service.











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