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4174 東証スタンダード(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.03.02)


Appirits(4174 TSE Standard)

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Favorable demand for developing e-commerce sites with spread of COVID-19 infection

Engaged in Development of e-Commerce Sites and Development and Operation of Online Games
Appirits is engaged in the web solution business, in which it comprehensively conducts everything from planning and development to maintenance, web marketing and security measures of e-commerce sites and web systems, and the online game business, in which it develops and operates its own games, develops and operates games of other companies, and dispatches staff to other companies.

The composition of net sales in the fiscal year ended January 2020 was 39.8% from the web solution business and 60.2% from the online game business (Figure 1). However, as the online game business has a low profit margin, the composition of operating profit (before deducting adjustments) was 88.8% from the web solution business and 11.2% from the online game business.

Web Solution Business
In the web solution business, the company mainly conducts planning and development of customers’ web systems, such as e-commerce sites and job information sites, and the development of smartphone apps. As the company can handle all procedures in house, it can provide speedy services at a low cost based on accurate understanding of the customers’ needs.

Online Game Business
In the online game business, the company handles development and operation of online games for computers and smartphones. The service format is broadly classified into “in-house game development,” in which it conducts planning to development and operation of games it provides, “contract development,” in which it undertakes planning to development and operation of games provided under the names of partner companies, and “staff dispatching,” in which it dispatches its engineers and creators to game development companies.










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