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4073 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.10.01)


Global Communication Planning(4073 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in development, maintenance and operation of cashless settlement system

Construct Cashless Settlement System and Provide Cloud Services
Global Communication Planning’s business is comprised of a single segment of the cashless settlement service business, but its services are divided into information system development and outsourcing service. In the fiscal year ended June 2021, information system development accounted for 56.7% of net sales and outsourcing service for 43.3%. Net sales of information system development in the fiscal year ended June 2021 decreased 32.7% year-on-year, due to the lack of special demand which existed in the fiscal year ended June 2020.

Information System Development
It provides a settlement processing system that would be required when member stores of credit card companies conduct processing operations (settlements, customer management or call center operations) by themselves. Although the end customers of the service are the member stores of credit card companies, the company directly receives orders in some cases while it receives orders as a subcontractor via major system integrators in other cases. They state that the ratio between direct orders and subcontracts is about fifty-fifty.

As a basic function of the settlement processing system, it licenses the settlement package software CARD CREW series and provides it as on-premise type or settlement ASP service type in accordance with customer needs. In the on-premise type, customization is conducted in most cases. In the settlement ASP service type, because there are cases in which customizations are made to correspond to customer environments upon the request of member stores of credit card companies, sales of the customization portion is recorded under information system development.

Since many of the users are face-to-face retailers, it also sells settlement terminals required for settlements in face-to-face sales, and sales of such is also included in the net sales of information system development. Of the net sales of information system development in the fiscal year ended June 2021, it is estimated that 52% is from system development and 48% from device sales.

Outsourcing Service
As outsourcing service, it provides 1) settlement ASP service (cloud type), and 2) maintenance and operation service. Of the net sales of outsourcing service in the fiscal year ended June 2021, it is estimated that 67% is from settlement ASP service (cloud type) and 33% from maintenance and operation service.

Settlement ASP service (cloud type) is a cloud-type service that customer companies use software, private lines, server and maintenance/operation services required for operation processing and provided by the company. It operates a datacenter having systems and communication environment required for the service installed within an outside vender’s datacenter.

Maintenance and operation service has a helpdesk that responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the systems provided under the company’s on-premise type services.













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