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Plus Alpha Consulting(4071 TSE Growth)

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Strength is its technology that visualizes big data

Supports Operation Streamlining and Decision Making of Customer Companies by Visualizing Information
Plus Alpha Consulting is engaged in services that support operation streamlining and decision making of customer companies by providing an SaaS-type solution that visualizes text, numerical data, images, sounds and other information that has not been visualized and enables analysis by persons even without knowledge on programming or statistical processing.

The company is conducting three businesses of the “Mieruka-Engine business” launched in May 2008, the “CustomerRings business” launched in July 2011, and “Talent Palette business” launched in September 2016. All of the businesses have recurring revenue models, and the company is recently focusing on the Talent Palette business.

Mieruka-Engine Business
The company provides “Mieruka-Engine,” which is a tool that visualizes a large amount of customers’ reviews. It is a service that analyzes information from a wide range of data sources using text mining and visualizes the discontents and needs of customers. Such data sources include customer questionnaires, logs of call centers, a massive amount of customers’ opinions expressed on SNS, blogs, etc., business daily reports of salespeople, voice data converted into text and patents/theses as well as other intellectual property information.

CustomerRings Business
The company provides “CustomerRings,” which is a CRM/marketing automation tool that integrates customer attributes and behavior history data and forms the most appropriate marketing measures based on the analysis results. It features an interface allowing intuitive operations, various functions that enable analyzing and visualizing the behaviors of each and every customer, corresponding to various channels including e-mail, SMS, chats, apps, and such.

Talent Palette Business
The company provides “Talent Palette,” a scientific human affairs platform that realizes the most appropriate positioning of employees, prevention of employee turnover, effective employment by consolidating human affairs information including the employee’s skills, aptitude, personnel evaluations, carriers, questionnaire information and employment information, and then analyzing and visualizing the information.














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