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4019 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2020.12.18)


Stamen(4019 TSE Growth)

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Developing a platform business that supports the enhancement of corporate engagement

Developing Engagement Management Platform Busines
Stamen is developing a business that plans, develops and sells the engagement management platform, “TUNAG.”

The company defines engagement as a state in which a relationship of trust is established between a company and its employees as well as among employees, and considers it to be a separate concept from employee satisfaction which is based on things that are given to employees such as treatment and environment.

The company considers that there are three steps that are necessary to enhance engagement and to improve the situation of an organization. Those three steps are (1)
identifying the current issues, (2) designing appropriate measures for those issues, and (3) continuously implementing the designed measures. A platform that supports the
enhancement of corporate engagement, “TUNAG,” provides solutions according to each step such as an engagement survey, organization improvement advice and a cloud-based internal system management.

Continuously Posted Deficits
The company prioritized the increasing of the number of customers that continuously use its services, and proceeded to enhance the awareness of its services and increasing the number of subscribers as well as hiring of quality human resources. Therefore, it has posted operating losses through fiscal year ended December 2019.

In its corporate plan for the fiscal year ending December 2020, the company estimates net sales of 612 million yen (54.6% increase year-on-year) and operating profit of 18 million yen (the previous fiscal year was operating loss of 36 million yen), but the level of revenue is low due to the burden from prior investments.











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