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4018 福証Q-Board(情報・通信)


Geolocation Technology


(公開日 2021.09.14)


Geolocation Technology(4018 FSE Q-Board)

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By utilizing internet user location information, etc., it develops and provides services realizing effective web marketing and preventing unauthorized access

Provider of Services Utilizing SURFPOINT™ Database
Geolocation Technology is engaged in the IP Geolocation business and the IP address transfer business, in which it brokers IP address sales transactions. While the IP Geolocation business accounts for 94.8% of net sales for the fiscal year ended June 2021 and the IP address transfer business accounts for 5.2%, regarding operating profit, the IP Geolocation business accounts for 53.3% and the IP address transfer business accounts for 46.7%.

IP Geolocation Business
The company maintains and manages its unique SURFPOINT™ database and provides various services that match attributes of visitors to customer companies’ sites in SaaS and APIs based on this database.

SURFPOINT™ is a database that covers approximately 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses, combining IP addresses with over 100 types of data including location information, organization attributes, line information and weather information.

Based on SURFPOINT™, the company provides services such as 1) area targeting, 2) corporate attribute analysis, 3) unauthorized access prevention and security measures, and 4) internet ads platform.

IP Address Transfer Business
The company provides services in which it brokers sales of unused IP addresses held by corporations and various organizations to companies, etc. that need them. The company receives a fee from both the seller and the buyer, and pays introduction fees to the party that introduced it to a seller or a buyer.


Geolocation Technology(以下、同社)は、IPアドレスを活用したデータベース「SURFPOINT」を構築し、その運営及び利用による各種サービスの提供を行うIP Geolocation事業とIPアドレス売買の仲介を行うIPアドレス移転事業を行っている。

なお、同社はTOKYO PRO Marketに上場していたが、Q-Boardへの新規上場の前日である9月12日付でTOKYO PRO Marketについては上場廃止となった。

IP Geolocation事業が21/6期の売上高の94.8%、IPアドレス移転事業が同5.2%を占めているが、営業利益についてはIP Geolocation事業が53.3%を占める一方で、IPアドレス移転事業は46.7%を占めており、売上貢献に比してIPアドレス移転事業の利益貢献度は高い。

IP Geolocation事業においては、同社は独自のデータベース「SURFPOINT」を維持管理しており、このデータベースに基づき顧客企業のサイト閲覧者の属性に合う各種サービスをSaaSやAPIで提供している 。







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