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4016 東証スタンダード(情報・通信)




(公開日 2020.11.27)


MIT Holdings(4016 TSE Standard)

English Summary (PDF)

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Provide system integration services and digital book, CAD, face authentication and other solution services

System Integration as Core Business
MIT Holdings group conducts two businesses: system integration services, which accounts for 90% of the net sales, and solution services, which accounts for 10%.

Its consolidated subsidiaries System IO and NetValue provide system integration services. BIGAL, another consolidated subsidiary, also provides system integration services to small and medium-sized companies, but BIGAL’s core business is the provision of solution services. Vision Links Myanmar, which is the group’s overseas subsidiary, conducts system development and website creation, but it is non-consolidated as its impact on business performance is extremely minimal (equity method is also not applied).

For system integration services, the group accepts orders for building core infrastructure systems and network bases from major manufacturers and major system integrators, basically as a subcontractor.

Business Performance
For the fiscal period ended November 2019, net sales was 3,845 million yen (0.5% increase year-on-year), operating profit was 120 million yen (4.3% increase), ordinary profit was 113 million yen (0.9% increase) and profit attributable to owners of parent was 60 million yen (3.4% increase).

For its corporate plan for fiscal year ending November 2020, the group expects net sales of 3,906 million yen (1.6% increase), operating profit of 132 million yen (10.0% increase), ordinary profit of 128 million yen (13.3% increase) and profit attributable to owners of parent of 81 million yen (35.0% increase). For net sales by service, it expects 3,500
million yen (0.9% increase) for system integration services and 406 million yen (8.6% increase) for solution services.




同社は、持株会社として経営戦略の策定、経営指導、採用・研修等の事務受託、ガバナンスの構築等の管理業務を行っている。連結子会社のシステムイオとNetValueはシステムインテグレーションサービスを提供している。もうひとつの連結子会社であるビーガルは中小規模の企業向けにシステムインテグレーションサービスを提供しているが、主力はソリューションサービス事業である。海外子会社であるVision Links Myanmarはシステム開発やホームページ制作を行っているが、業績に与える影響が極めて小さいことから、連結対象となっていない(持分法も非適用)。






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