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184A 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2024.05.31)


Manabi-aid(184A TSE Growth)

English Summary (PDF)

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Distributing lecture videos of approx. five minutes per session prepared by prep school instructors and others to cram schools and similar institutions

Distributing Short Lecture Videos to Cram Schools and Similar Institutions
Manabi-aid provides “manabi aid” and operates directly managed cram schools for individuals, provides “manabi aid master” and “manabi aid master for School” for cram schools and “manabi aid for Enterprise” for education-related companies such as reference book publishers. Its main services are for cram schools and businesses.

manabi aid and Cram Schools
manabi aid for individuals provides micro-lectures, which are video lectures of about five minutes per session, covering junior high and senior high school learning content. The micro-lectures are a format that allows students to learn actively and efficiently by breaking down lectures into short segments, allowing students to view only the parts they do not understand repeatedly. With keyword searches, they can pinpoint and watch the specific lectures they need.

At the cram school operated by the company in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, teaching is provided using manabi aid master.

manabi aid master and manabi aid master for School
manabi aid master is a service that provides small to medium-sized cram schools with not only the distribution service of manabi aid micro-lectures but also the production of lecture videos tailored specifically for cram schools. Additionally, it includes management functions to enhance the efficiency of cram school operations, such as entry and exit management, monthly fee management, learning management, and grade management, among others.

manabi aid master for School is a service for the headquarters of medium-sized cram schools and large-sized cram schools operating nationwide. It provides services customized for each customer regarding the selection and distribution system of lecture videos, including manabi aid, as well as system development services.

manabi aid for Enterprise
manabi aid for Enterprise is a service mainly for reference book publishers It produces explanatory videos that are played by scanning the QR codes printed on paper reference books with smartphones or tablets, and develops and provides a system for viewing the explanatory videos.










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