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151A 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2024.03.29)


Dive(151A TSE Growth)

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Engaged in temporary staffing and job recruitment services for tourist facilities

Providing Human Resources to Tourist and Other Facilities throughout Japan
Dive provides temporary staffing and recruitment services, specializing in short-term on-site work at resorts. Additionally, the company is involved in the regional revitalization business, which involves planning, development and operation of glamping and other facilities in the region, alongside its information systems business.

In fiscal year ended June 2023, the tourism HR business accounted for 94.4% of net sales, the regional revitalization business for 4.6% and the information systems business for 1.0%. Segment losses were recorded for the regional revitalization business and the information systems business.

Tourism HR Business
Dive provides temporary staffing and recruitment services specializing in short-term on-site resort work. The company gathers job openings from tourist facilities nationwide, including resort hotels, Japanese inns and theme parks, then posts the information on its job search website for short-term on-site resort work "Resort Baito Dive" and various recruitment media. It then matches job seekers with the most suitable work locations.

The website’s annual user numbers fell in fiscal years ended June 2021 and 2022 due to the impact of the pandemic, but recovered to 1,786 thousand unique users in fiscal year ended June 2023.

For its temporary staffing business, Dive derives revenue from the difference between the staffing fees it receives from the client and the salaries it pays to the temporary staff. For the recruitment business, revenue comes from customer companies in the form of commissions for successful recruitments. In fiscal year ended June 2023, 98.5% of net sales in the company’s tourism HR segment came from temporary staffing.

Regional Revitalization Business
Dive is engaged in work related to glamping facilities, including land development, market research, concept development and planning and operation of facilities and equipment. The company owns five facilities across Japan. In terms of facilities, Dive mainly seeks to utilize public facilities owned and managed by local governments, as well as idle facilities that have yet to be developed as tourist locations and idle land.

Information Systems Business
For customers such as companies without information systems personnel, Dive provides services, including system selection and installation support.


ダイブは、「一生モノの『あの日』を創り出す。」というミッションと「誰もがジブンの人生を愛せる世界へ。」というビジョンのもと、リゾートバイトに特化した人材派遣や人材紹介を行う観光HR(Human Resources:人的資源、人材)事業を主力として行っている。その他に、地方でグランピング施設などの企画開発・運営を行う地方創生事業、情報システム関連のサービスを幅広く行う情報システム事業を手掛けている。



1)ダイブの営業拠点(札幌市、仙台市、東京都新宿区、大阪市、福岡市、那覇市)の営業担当者が労働者派遣(紹介)基本契約を締結している全国のリゾートホテルや旅館、テーマパーク、レジャー施設、飲食店等(以下、観光施設等)から求人情報を入手して、同社の運営するリゾートバイト求人サイト「Resort Baito Dive」や各種求人媒体に掲載する。




「Resort Baito Dive」の利用者の年齢は25~44歳が56.5%、45~65歳以上が22.3%、居住地域は関東が49.1%、関西が14.1%と、都市部居住の25歳以上の社会人が中心となっている(23/6期実績)。年間サイト利用者数は新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大の影響により21/6期、22/6期と落ち込んだものの、23/6期は回復して178.6万UU(ユニークユーザー数:重複を除外したユーザー数)となっている。






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