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9564 東証スタンダード(サービス業)


FCE Holdings


(公開日 2022.10.28)


FCE Holdings(9564 TSE Standard)

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Aiming for growth by expanding sales of RPA software and e-learning systems

Operates Education and Training Business and DX Promotion Business Offering RPA Software
FCE Holdings Group comprises FCE Holdings and its five subsidiaries. It operates the education and training business comprising the education business for schools and cram schools and the training and consulting business for companies. It also operates the DX promotion business for enterprises using RPA Robo-Pat DX, a robotics process automation (RPA) application that automates computer tasks.

In fiscal year ended September 2021, the education and training business accounted for 53.5% of net sales, the DX promotion business for 40.3% and the other business for 6.2%. Over the past several years, the proportion of DX promotion projects has grown. The other business consists of the publishing of books on business.

Education and Training Business
Based on Franklin Covey's business book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the company has developed the 7 Habits J® class program for Japanese students and sells the class program and textbook to educational corporations and cram schools.

Moreover, the company has entered into a business tie-up with NOVA Holdings to provide support for franchise operations of private cram schools. The company also operates the international school business, the Foresight notebook business, the corporate training and consulting business, the Find! Active Learning business, an e-learning service for corporate employee education and training and the restaurant franchising support business.

DX Promotion Business
In the DX promotion business, subsidiary FCE Process & Technology offers Robo-Pat DX, an RPA application for SMEs and large corporations. As of the end of June 2022, 950 companies had adopted the system.


FCE Holdings(以下、同社)グループは同社と子会社5社で構成され、学校、学習塾を顧客とする教育事業と企業向けの研修、コンサルティング事業からなる教育研修事業と、PC上の作業を自動化するRPAソフトウェアRobo-Pat DXを企業向けに提供するDX推進事業を行っている。










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