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9552 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2022.07.01)


MA Research Institute(9552 TSE Growth)

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M&A brokerage firm leverages AI, DX technologies to fuel rapid growth

Provides M&A Brokerage Services Featuring the Use of AI and Other Technologies
M&A Research Institute provides M&A brokerage services using AI and other technologies. While the company is relatively new to the industry, having been established in October 2018, it leads the industry in terms of the number of M&A advisors. During the three-and-a-half years from the company's establishment to March 2022, it successfully concluded 65 M&A transactions.

The company's M&A brokerage service concludes advisory contracts with potential sellers or buyers, then works to find matching partners and coordinates with interested parties, aiding client companies in successfully concluding deals.

The industry average time to contract conclusion is generally acknowledged to be about one year. In the case of M&A Research Institute, however, the average time for contract conclusion is substantially shorter with the 25 contracts signed in the fiscal year ended September 2021 being 6.2 months.

The company greatly reduced the time required to close deals through 1) the streamlining of inefficient tasks through the promotion of digital transformation, and 2) the use of AI in the matching process, which shortened the time from the creation of a potential buyer list to sales activities and improved matching accuracy. The company develops all of its digital transformation and AI systems in-house.

The company receives success fees from both buyers and sellers upon closing. These fees account for the majority of the company's revenue. Outside of the success fees, the company receives interim fees from the potential buyers upon completion of either the submission of letters of intent, the signing of memorandums of understanding, or the performance of due diligence. Moreover, the company does not charge so-called mobilization fees. For potential sellers, the fee structure is based on a full success fee system.











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