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9345 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2023.04.04)


Bizmates(9345 TSE Growth)

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Operator of online business English conversation service Bizmates, etc.

Core Business of Online Business English Conversation Service
Bizmates operates two businesses: the language solutions business, which operates the online business English conversation service Bizmates and other services, and the talent solutions business, which provides recruiting as well as other services of foreign IT engineers and other professionals.

In fiscal year ended December 2022, the language solutions business and the talent solutions business accounted for 96.3% and 3.7% of net sales, respectively. In terms of segment profit margin, the language solutions business was 34.5%, while the talent solutions business continued to post segment losses.

Language Solutions Business
In the language solutions business, the company operates Bizmates and Zipan, an online business Japanese conversation service. Bizmates accounts for the majority of net sales.

Bizmates offers a low-cost, high-quality service for learning business English conversation. The company offers remote lessons via the internet not only to individual customers but also to corporate customers. They offer lessons with the goal of not simply becoming able to “speak in English” but to “work in English.”

Zipan is a business Japanese language learning service for foreigners. The service started after the company entered the foreign IT engineer recruitment business, with the objective of supporting foreigners working in Japan.

Talent Solution Business
In the talent solution business, the company offers a recruiting service specializing in work-ready foreign IT engineers and a matching site for a wide range of IT personnel who can work globally, providing a place where many IT personnel can work and play an active role in Japan. The main source of net sales appears to be the recruiting service.


ビズメイツ(以下、同社)は、オンラインビジネス英会話サービス「Bizmates」等を運営するランゲージソリューション事業と外国人ITエンジニア等を対象にした人材紹介サービス「G Talent」等を提供するタレントソリューション事業を展開している。




タレントソリューション事業では、即戦力の外国人ITエンジニアに特化した人材紹介サービス「G Talent」(ジータレント)と、グローバルで活躍することのできる幅広いIT人材を対象としたマッチングサイト「Git Tap」(ギットタップ)を展開し、国籍に関わらず、多くのIT人材が日本で働き、活躍できる場を提供している。現状では、売上高の中心はG Talentとなっている模様である。






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