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9250 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2021.11.19)


GRCS(9250 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in GRC solution business

Provider of Solutions and Products in GRC and Security Fields
GRCS focuses on the viewpoint of governance, risk and compliance (GRC), which have become corporate management issues, as well as security. The company provides various solutions created by consultants, engineers and other experts that are well versed in each field, and specialized business tools in the GRC and security fields.

The company classifies its business segments by service content into the solution segment and the product segment.

(1) Solution Segment
1) GRC Solution
In the GRC field, the company conducts designing, construction and other support for introducing GRC related tools including products developed by the company. By streamlining information management regarding company-wide risks, external contractors, privacy protection, security incidents, etc., it provides solutions enabling cross-departmental information understanding and management.

In addition, the company also supports the introduction of Supplier Risk MT, a cloud application developed by the company that provides centralized control and visualization of security risks related to external contractors and business partners.

2) Security Solution
In the cybersecurity field, the company provides IT security designs, establishes regulations and policies, and conducts analysis, management, audit, diagnosis and various other consultations to protect companies from risks such as increasingly diversifying cyberattacks, information leakage and security accidents. In addition, it also supports introduction of security products such as their design and construction, as well as acquisition of standard certifications such as ISMS certification.

(2) Product Segment
In the GRC field, the company provides dedicated tools developed by the company as well as other companies for operations including risk management, regulation/policy management, internal audits, incident management and personal information management.

In the cybersecurity field, the company provides dedicated tools in the risk response field that are developed by the company in an aim to prevent security accidents, etc.












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