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ProjectCompany(9246 TSE Growth)

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One-stop promotion of customers’ DX, from marketing support to business transformation

Promote Customers’ DX including Marketing Support and Business Transformation
ProjectCompany is engaged in the digital transformation (DX) business that provides one-stop services, from customers’ digital marketing support to new business development, transformation of existing business, etc. by utilizing its digital technologies.

The company is engaged in a single segment of the DX business and in the fiscal year ended December 2020, consulting service accounted for 59.8% of net sales, marketing service for 27.4% and UI/UX service for 12.8%.

In consulting service, the main operation is new business development support through DX. Other than that, it also supports transformation of existing businesses as well as improvement of operations.

In marketing service, it provides SNS management support, website improvement and marketing consultancy.

In UI/UX service, it is engaged in customer service experience improvement/design support through operation of UIscope, which conducts usability tests on smartphone apps.

Customer Base
Many of the company’s customers are large companies and many of them conduct business targeting consumers. The number of customers in the fiscal year ended December 2020 was 109 companies, of which 54.1% were companies with sales scales of over 10 billion yen, and such companies accounted for 78.7% of the net sales. Its major customers include NTT DATA, Recruit and SBI SECURITIES.











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