9211 東証グロース(サービス業)



(公開日 2021.12.28)


f-code(9211 TSE Growth)

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Analyzing accumulated data and designing digital transformation measures that address diverse customer issues

Supporting Companies’ Digital Transformation Promotion
f-code provides services that support digital transformation promotion at companies.

Leveraging data infrastructure in the customer experience field, the company offers comprehensive support for corporate digital transformation promotion, and based on the details of the provided services, net sales are divided between “digital customer acquisition support services” and “digital customer development support services.” In the fiscal year ended December 2020, digital customer acquisition support services accounted for 50.9% of sales and digital customer development support services for 49.1%.

1)Digital Customer Acquisition Support Services
f-code’s consultants offer services to support digital strategy design, digital marketing activity improvement, etc., for the customer acquisitions of companies. They conduct surveys of customer companies’ markets, analyze the strategies of other companies in the same field and formulate strategies for customer companies using data infrastructure in the customer experience field, train personnel to execute these strategies, and so forth. Moreover, at the stage when the overall strategy is decided, they plan, produce, analyze, and improve content to enhance the ability of customer companies’ websites to attract customers, advise customer companies on advertisement management on web media, etc.

2) Digital Customer Development Support Services
The company’s CODE Marketing Cloud is a web-based customer service tool that can automatically display content such as pop-up banners and offer optimal personalized customer services and promotions to users visiting companies’ websites at the most appropriate times, based on user activity data. f-code provides various support services to improve the sign-up rate and retention rate of prospective customers acquired by customer companies, such as enhancing the UI/UX of sites that use CODE Marketing Cloud and improving inside sales based on analysis of sales data.






同社の事業は、CX 領域のデータ基盤を活用して企業のDX推進をトータルで支援するDX事業の単一セグメントであるが、売上高は提供するサービス内容に応じて、1)デジタル顧客獲得支援サービス、2)デジタル顧客育成支援サービスに区分されている。20/12期の売上構成比は、デジタル顧客獲得支援サービスが50.9%、デジタル顧客育成支援が49.1%となっている。






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